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“Action” will receive electronic notaries and military bonds

Another Action Board took place at the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This is a weekly meeting with the Actions team, where project statuses are determined and new services are planned to be launched on the portal and in the application.


The head of the Ministry of Finance Mikhail Fedorov tells about it.

“A small spoiler – we are currently working on launching the use of military bonds, digital pension certificates and the first functionality of electronic notaries,” said Fedorov. – These are one of the nine services and documents that we will launch soon. Although there are dozens of them at the same time. ”

According to him, the team is working on the task to make each service even easier. Remove all unnecessary steps for users. From 20 clicks make 3, from 5 minutes – 3 seconds. Even if you then have to redo everything from scratch.

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