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After indexation by 10%, the average pension in the Russian Federation will be 19,360 thousand rubles

The average pension in Russia after indexation by 10% will be 19 thousand 360 rubles, said the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov.

“Your today’s decision on indexation by 10% will increase pensions for 35 million non-working our citizens of retirement age, this is an average of 1,760 rubles – an increase in pensions, its average size will reach 19,360 (roubles)”, – said Kotyakov at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council.

At the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to increase the amount of pensions for non-working pensioners by 10% from June 1 this year. He recalled that since January 1 of this year, insurance pensions for non-working pensioners have already been indexed by 8.6%. “Thus, their pensions will increase by 19.5% compared to last year. This is higher than the inflation rate,” Putin said.

According to Kotyakov, the size of the increase will be calculated personally for each pensioner, “but the average figures for today are as follows, this is a significant increase.”

According to the minister, the Pension Fund will start delivering pensions, taking into account indexation, from June 3.

The head of the Ministry of Labor also noted that the increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) – plus 10% – will increase the wages of about 4 million citizens of the Russian Federation.

“If we talk about the size of the subsistence minimum, then today our payments are directly related to the size of the subsistence minimum, about 15 million of our citizens receive it. This will directly affect the amount of the payments they receive at the moment,” he said.

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