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Analyst: Apple has cut production of the iPhone 14, because it will not be significant updates

The bad news for Apple fans: it looks like 2022 smartphones will only get minor updates. The Cupertino-based company itself is not betting big on new products.

Apple is expected to produce fewer iPhone 14 series. This can be partly explained by external factors – geopolitical instability, shortage of components and so on. However, a significant contribution to Apple’s decision is that the iPhone 14 will not receive significant updates compared to the iPhone 13.

This was reported by Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) from Bloomberg. He believes that Apple has lowered expectations because the iPhone 14 is not like a device that will change the rules of the game. Now the company’s target for 2022 is 220 million units. Analysts expected the company to release 240 million smartphones.

As for the updates in the iPhone 14, they will not even have a completely new processor – Apple has decided to use the old A15 chips in the younger models, and conditionally the new A16 will be made according to the old technical process. There will be no radical changes in terms of design either – except that the “bangs” will change to an oval neckline. Gourmet believes that most consumers need a new design that is unlikely to appear until 2023.

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