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Angry farmer divided over ‘ingenious’ plan to stop motorists parking ‘like Wallies’ on his land

A FARMER fed up with people “like Wallies” parking on his land has come up with an “ingenious” plan to put an end to it.

Ian Flindall is now charging drivers £3 for driving up ‘clean and tight’ on his farm – but it’s a tenner if you do it horribly.
A farmer now charges two different rates depending on how you park on his land

A farmer now charges two different rates depending on how you park on his landCredit: BPM

Ian’s hilarious solution has been hailed as a ‘great idea’ by some motorists – but others find it problematic.

One person said: “Brilliant way to stop people from parking like t***s.”

And a second said: “Love this idea. You’d think people who live like sardines in inner cities for most of their lives would be adept at driving a car, but it seems the moment you’re presented with a nice rural parking lot with no painted lines, they have a kind of stress-related aneurysm.”

But another countered, “Isn’t this an example of when ‘fines’ can backfire by legitimizing the behavior?”
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A small part of Ian’s Chypraze Farm is used as a car park for the footpath and beach at Portheras Cove – a Cornish beauty spot popular with tourists and locals alike.

There’s no ticket machine, instead Ian relies on an “honesty system” where people are encouraged to make a donation as they leave.

But drivers who park their vehicles at dodgy angles mean fewer people can get in – and therefore Ian makes less money.

To help the situation, he introduced two different tariffs.

A new sign now reads: ‘Parking neat and tight £3. Parking like a Wally £10.”

He told CornwallLive: “I don’t want to overcharge people or rip them off, but if they take four spots, they certainly should pay for four spots.

“If people park properly we can get a few cars in, but if they don’t it’s chaos.

“As much as one would like to leave the public to their own devices, I’m afraid some will spoil it.

“We’re quite remote fortunately, but there are some uncontrolled parking spots nearby that we want to avoid.”

To his surprise, Ian said he had put some £10 notes in the box.
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“For some weird reason, I get them stuck in pretty often,” he said.

“I think they’re like, ‘Well, I just left the car, here’s a ten.’

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