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Anonymous hackers attacked Belarusian government websites

The Anonymous hacker community boasted of hacking Belarusian government websites. The laudatory release was posted on the organization’s twitter page.

The declared reason for the cyberattack is the involvement of official Minsk in Russian aggression against Ukraine. According to the community speakers, the hackers managed to take offline all the government websites of the collaborating state without exception.

JUST IN: Massive attack carried by #Anonymous against the Belarusian government for their complicity in the #Ukraine️ invasion. All their biggest government websites are #Offline. #OpRussia #OpBelarus #FreeUkraine

— Anonymous TV 🇺🇦 (@YourAnonTV) May 29, 2022

The previous action of comparable scale was dated February 26. Then Anonymous hackers blocked the work of the vast majority of critical sites of the Russian Federation, including the sites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kremlin, the Ministry of Defense, the government of Chechnya, Roskomnadzor and leading propaganda mouthpieces.

Anonymous’s attacks are directed primarily at “lost coast” governments, snickering business elites and propagandists.

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