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Anonymous hackers attacked state sites in Belarus

Anonymous reported a new attack. This time their target is the state websites of Belarus. The reason for the attack is the involvement of the government of this state in the war against Ukraine.

Anonymous has traditionally supplemented its post about the attack with the hashtag #OpRussia, and this time added the hashtag #OpBelarus. It is known that the websites of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education, and the National Center for Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus were affected.

These resources are not open now – in total they do not work for almost 12 hours.

Attacks against Russian sites by Anonymous have been going on since the early days of the war. As a result of these hackers, the websites of the Russian Orthodox Church, Gazprom, and several Russian banks have already suffered. However, for the first time Belarusian resources fell into the interests of Anonymous.

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