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Apple has been accused of plagiarizing MIUI

We are accustomed to seeing Apple as the flagship of the mobile industry and a major trend setter for other smartphone makers. The other day there was a presentation of a new version of the “Apple” operating system iOS 16 and the audience, as always, was waiting for something innovative. But instead they saw the theft. Apple’s designers have clearly cut off the lucky chip of their competitors – the Chinese company Shaomi.

One of the innovations of iOS 16 was the lock screen customization – now you can install animated wallpapers there. And among the standard wallpapers there is a very spectacular one – an image of our planet, which is slowly advancing as it unlocks. To some users, this wallpaper seemed familiar and they even remembered where.
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MIUI has very similar wallpapers – a proprietary graphics shell on Xiaomi smartphones. There they are called super-wallpapers and offer other planets, in addition to Earth. Super wallpapers with Mars are very popular. Well, planets-stars-it’s not a matter of copyright, where is the theft? The fact is that Apple has borrowed both the concept and the policy of animation, while the planet is moving forward after unlocking the lock screen. Only at MIUI it looks graphically cool.

Undoubtedly, such incidents can be considered as a common coincidence. But it is unlikely that Apple’s designers are following another industry and are not familiar with the solutions used by competitors. Animated wallpapers at MIUI have been found to be very good for not borrowing. However, for some reason it was impossible to lose the idea a little differently – a mystery.

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