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Because of the war, employers began to pay Ukrainian “IT specialists” three times less

In the conditions of the shortage of open vacancies and total unemployment provoked by the war, IT companies began to greatly underestimate the salaries of employees. At the same time, preference in employment is given to IT-specialists who are outside Ukraine. This became known from the HR manager and recruiter of Softengi A. Korobova.


According to her, a cursory analysis of offers on LinkedIn shows that after the outbreak of hostilities, employers began to offer Ukrainian IT specialists three times less money. The Ukrainian labor market is experiencing an unprecedented level of unemployment. IT companies take advantage of this.

“IT people”

Kolobova noted that before the war, an IT specialist with 5 years of work experience could claim a salary of 3,000 USD. At the moment, employers offer such “IT people” 800 USD. The girl claims that quite recently she came across an advertisement for a Senior job for a salary of 1,000 USD. Before the war, the minimum wage for specialists of this class was 2,500 USD.

Participants of the IT market did not suffer any financial losses from the start of hostilities in the country. In this regard, it is not entirely clear what explains such a robbery on the salaries of highly qualified IT specialists.

Within two days, Kolobova’s LinkedIn post managed to garner hundreds of comments. Ukrainian “IT specialists” admitted that underestimation of salaries by employers does take place.

It is worth noting that after the start of active hostilities, wages in the country decreased by an average of 10-50%. The IT industry is no exception in this respect. Employers are taking advantage. They are trying to increase their income by saving on wages.

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