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British Foreign Secretary: Russia cannot be appeased

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, in a speech Thursday in Bosnia, plans to urge allies to remain resolute in support of Ukraine and not to appease Vladimir Putin.

About this, as writes “European Truth”, reports The Guardian.

During a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Truss will insist that “we all need to learn the lesson of history” and stand up to Putin.

“Russian aggression cannot be appeased. It must be met with force. We must not allow the development of a protracted and increasingly painful conflict in Ukraine,” Truss said in his speech to the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She noted that we need to be unwavering in ensuring the victory of Ukraine with the help of military assistance and sanctions.

President Volodymyr Zelensky called for more weapons from the West to prevent a Russian offensive in the Donbas.

He also responded to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s proposal to accept the loss of some territories in exchange for ending the war, noting that this is not 1938.

Zelenskiy also mentioned a New York Times editorial advising Ukraine to make difficult compromises.

“Perhaps, the New York Times also wrote something similar in 1938. But now, I remind you, it’s still 2022,” the Ukrainian president added.

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