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Can Xiaomi Band 7 really be called the best fitness tracker?

Xiaomi is considered the founder of the trend for fitness bracelets and to this day it maintains leadership in this niche. Athletes, geeks, travelers and many others liked the accessibility, practicality and functionality of these devices‍.

These devices have undergone many transformations in just a few years: with each new presentation we were offered more and more opportunities, so that the number of fans of wearable electronics has been growing every year. The new Mi Band 7 will compete with some models of smart watches and will definitely surpass them in terms of ergonomics and autonomy.

The presentation of the sixth version has significantly changed the market of fitness trackers, and the seventh will probably be a role model for competitors.

Design and ergonomics

As Mi Band 6 users dreamed of, the screen of the new bracelet has been slightly enlarged – now it is almost a frameless matrix that can hold even more data. As before, the display is made of Amoled technology, and Always on Display will also be available.

The strap has received a lot of attention: pleasant to the touch, light and hypoallergenic material is almost invisible in everyday use. In addition, you can always choose an alternative accessory for your style or lifestyle.

The novelty will please with bright colors of thongs. Now from the box you will find not only a black accessory, but also white, pink, blue, green and orange.

The pixel density of the Mi Band 7 has increased along with the diagonal, which is now 1.62 inches. And the number of dots per inch has reached 326 pieces, which is quite comparable to the characteristics of the screens of modern budget smartphones.

Another important feature of the Mi Band 7 screen is the support of dynamic wallpapers. You will find several options for wallpapers and animations in the Zepp Life brand store. And the most demanding customers on Google Play will find programs to install custom dials for every taste.
Functional features of the bracelet

The basic everyday options have not changed with the previous version: on the display you can read messages from a smartphone, monitor the weather (and thanks to the GPS module forecasts will be as accurate as possible), control the media player on the connected phone.

The release of the camera shutter from the screen of the fitness bracelet also did not go anywhere. As in earlier models, the bracelet received protection from moisture 5 ATM, which protects against water even when immersed to a considerable depth.

A nice bonus will be the autonomy of the fitness tracker with a reinforced battery of 180 mAh. Even with the maximum activity of all sensors and modules, you can expect about 14 days of use of the device without power.
Sports opportunities

Fans of an active lifestyle will enjoy increasing the number of sports programs to 120 pieces. With Mi Band 7 you will be able to control your activity for any exercises, sports and just on the go. There are also 4 professional modes and an option to automatically start training in case you forget to start the fixation before performing the exercises.

The bracelet will offer more subtle sleep quality and recovery monitoring than was implemented in previous configurations. There is also a smart alarm clock that adjusts the waking time to certain phases of sleep to avoid stress.

And usually for devices of this class the bracelet is equipped with the sensor of level of oxygen in blood. This setting is monitored by both professional athletes and users who monitor their health.

A special calculator, which is based on calculating the amount of oxygen consumption during and after physical activity, will help adjust the training program to achieve the desired result: weight gain or weight loss. In addition, there are rumors that the control of blood oxygen saturation and vibration to reduce it will help those who snore a lot at night.
Configurations and prices

The device will be available as standard and with support for the NFC module for contactless payments. A regular bracelet will be offered for $ 36, and the NFC version will cost $ 42.

It turns out that the novelty has received fresh options and opportunities, and the price has not risen compared to the Mi Band 6. So if this is your first such device or you are looking for a replacement for the third or fourth generation, the purchase will be definitely profitable for you.

Changes in the novelty will not revolutionize wearable electronics, but compared to the previous model, Mi Band 7 has become more practical, functional and beautiful.

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