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CNN: One of North Korea’s missile launches was ‘unusual’

One of three missiles launched by North Korea this week had an unusual double-arc flight path.

Source: US officials in CNN commentary

Details: It is noted that the rocket “twice rose and then fell.”

According to one version, the purpose was to test the rocket’s ability to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere in order to reach the target.

The second phase of a possible double missile arc could be related to the separation of the warhead from the main missile. It’s not yet entirely clear to the US whether this was part of the planned flight route, one official said.

Officials stressed that the US intelligence evaluation of all three test launches is still at a preliminary stage.

It is not clear which of the three rockets launched had the unusual flight pattern.

Japan has publicly hinted that one of the missiles flew in an unusual way, and Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi called it “the wrong trajectory.”


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