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Collaborators in Zaporozhye started talking about joining Russia

The so-called “representative of the local administration” of Zaporozhye, Vladimir Rogov, said that the region allegedly wants to be part of Russia.

Source: collaborator, the so-called “representative of the local administration” Vladimir Rogov, quoted by the propaganda “RIA Novosti”

Details: Rogov said that the Zaporozhye region will take a course towards joining Russia “after complete liberation from Ukrainian nationalists.”

Literally: “There can be only one future for the Zaporozhye region – it must be part of Russia, it must become a full-fledged subject of the Russian Federation. We do not need gray zones, we do not need the Zaporozhye People’s Republic. We want to be part of Russia, as we always were before on for hundreds of years.”

Reference. Currently, part of the Zaporozhye region is occupied by the Russians.

Vladimir Rogov is a former colleague of Oleg Tsarev and one of the organizers of the “anti-Maidan” in Zaporozhye. In September 2014, in the process of a prisoner exchange, he ended up in Russia, where he regularly appeared in the media as the head of the “Committee for State Construction of Novorossiya” and the leader of the “Slavic Guard” movement, and also collected aid for the “DPR” and “LPR”. In March 2022, he began calling himself a member of the “military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region.”

What happened before: Two weeks ago, the so-called authorities of the Kherson military-civilian administration, appointed by the occupiers, announced that they would ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to include the Kherson region in the Russian Federation.

Putin was told that the Kherson region should enter the Russian Federation “as legitimately as Crimea.”

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