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The new owner of McDonald’s in Russia will keep the usual menu and service standards – Sobyanin

The first restaurant under the new brand will open on June 12 in Moscow, sources told Forbes and TASS.

The Moscow government will support the new owner of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia, Sergei Sobyanin said at the superfinal of the Leaders of Russia management competition. He also added that the usual menu will remain in the network with the new name.

Sergei Sobyanin

With the support of the Moscow government, the new Russian owner will retain the existing network of fast food outlets, the workforce, the usual menu, and service standards.

The departure of McDonald’s from Russia was discussed by everyone as a huge loss and disaster. It turned out that 95% of all products, and even 98%, are Russian products, Russian technologies. Our chickens, our meatballs, our bread, our tomatoes and cucumbers, and we just need to put it all together, pack and sell it right. We worked with this group for a long time, but we made the right decision and sold the franchise. And restaurants, I’m sure, will work again, but under the Russian brand.


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