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Corrie spoilers: Abi planned to run away from Weatherfield with baby Alfie – but Kevin dropped the bombshell

Coronation Street’s Abi plots to elope with baby Alfie after losing hope of custody of him during a bitter battle with Imran Habeeb

Coronation Road teases upcoming tumultuous week on cobblestones

Coronation Street’s Abi Webster makes the drastic decision to flee the country with her newborn baby next week and confides in her estranged husband Kevin.

Abi (Sally Carman) plots to run away with baby Alfie after losing hope of gaining custody of him amid a fierce battle with Imran Habeeb.

In recent scenes on the soap, Imran, Alfie’s father, lied in court when he claimed that Abi had gone back to drugs, putting the custody battle in his favor unjustly.

The ITV reveal has now revealed that in next week’s scene on the cobblestones, Abi continues her escape plot in her plan to fight against Imran.

But before she can move on and run away from Coronation Street, her husband, Kevin, has some shocking news to share with her about his feelings.

Abi is stopped when Kevin comes to her with a confession.

Next week, Abi goes to Imran and his wife Toyah, asking if she can have Alfie all day next Monday.

While Toyah tries to keep the peace and agree, Imran is more reluctant but forced to do so.

Abi has completed the first steps of her plan to get off the cobblestones and over the weekend received two fake passports for her and Alfie, which she plans to use to travel to climates. Costa Rica’s warmer with Alfie.

Abi is stopped when Kevin comes to her with a confession.

Kevin was heartbroken when he found out that Abi had cheated on him in the previous episodes of the series.

Kevin was heartbroken when he found out that Abi cheated on him

But only after Alfie was unexpectedly born did he realize Imran was the mysterious man Abi had slept with.

After giving her the job back, he attempted to assist her from afar in her custody battle against Imran.

The auto mechanic admits that he never stopped loving her, despite the obstacles they had to overcome during their love affair.

But Kevin wasn’t enough to stop Abi from leaving and she responded by telling him she was leaving the next day and taking Alfie with her.

Realizing that Kevin is the only resident who knows all about her plan, she begs him to keep quiet but this doesn’t last long.

Kevin is left with a dilemma and struggles to solve the problem, he confides in his sister Debbie about how Abi is plotting to kidnap Alfie.

Debbie tells Kevin he has two choices – either tell Imran the truth, or hope that Abi will let it go.

Then Kevin approaches Imran on the street… but does he really throw Abi under the bus?

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