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Dan Walker struggles with sleep deprivation on his final day hosting BBC Breakfast

Dan Walker announced his departure from the long-running breakfast show last month, and co-host Sally Nugent teased a series of “surprises” for the presenter, who has often sat on the sofa. red since 2016

Dan Walker slept under three hours before the last BBC show

Dan Walker confessed he struggled with sleep deprivation on his final day hosting BBC Breakfast.

The 45-year-old took to Twitter to share a video showing him entering the Salford studio one last time as he told his followers he had good food for the team.

“Good morning. Then we begin, the last stroll to BBC Breakfast. It’s been a wonderful morning here in Salford, I’ve been caked for the wonderful breakfast group who’s all have been a pleasure to work with for six years.

“Sally must be in there,” as he joked his co-host Sally Nugent always got in before he did.

“Hopefully it’s going to be a fun day, with lots to say,” Dan added, telling fans there were a lot of “great” guests on the show.

He mentioned his sleep deprivation in the caption and said he only had a few hours in bed after Monday’s car drama.

“The day passed and all that. I think you can see I slept under 3 hours but I look forward to seeing you on BBC1 from 6am with @sallynugent,” he wrote.

“I have the #BBCBreakfast cake.”

At the start of his final shift on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday, Sally teased “a few surprises” available to Dan, leaving him stunned when she told viewers that “half an hour” ended up. of the show would be “very fun”.

“I don’t know anything,” he quipped.

On Monday, the presenter was forced to ask his 758,000 followers for help, as he was stranded on his way to Manchester for his final show.

In one video, he said he needed to find a charger for his electric car and said that due to last minute travel problems, he calculated that he would sleep 3 hours before his last day. .

“I plan to sleep for about two and a half hours,” he explains. “So if I look a little flustered in the morning, that’s why.”

Sally teased ‘surprises’ in store for Dan on his last day

Despite his lack of sleep, his fans were quick to send him texts wishing him good luck and telling Dan how much they would miss him as he got off his iconic red sofa. statue.

“Thank you for being there through the days of good news and bad news, and doing both with incredible professionalism and good humor x, you will be missing x onward Dan,” one person wrote. tweets.

“I especially wake up early to ‘see you off’. You will be greatly missed and your time there is wonderful. Take care, God bless and…. stay awake,” another quipped.

“Have the best last day! Mornings wouldn’t be the same without you,” one fan commented.


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