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Diablo Immortal had the best start in the history of the series

Blizzard Entertainment has reported on the success of the controversial Diablo Immortal. Despite a generous dose of hatred from fans, the mobile game managed to become the largest Diablo launch in history.

In just one week, Diablo Immortal has surpassed 10 million installs. This, apparently, is both about the mobile stores and the PC version. Unfortunately, Blizzard representatives did not name the number of active players. It should be assumed that there are noticeably fewer of them than downloads.

Recall that shortly after the release of Diablo Immortal faced a flurry of criticism from the players due to too aggressive microtransactions. On Metacritic, the game received a score of 0.5 from users based on over 3,500 reviews. However, this did not stop her from earning $ 2 million in the first days after the launch.

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