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Doctors called a sudden symptom of a stroke, which is important not to miss

Sudden loss of balance while walking can be an early sign of an impending stroke. Tingling in the legs can be a bad signal. According to the research center, the two main types of stroke — ischemic and hemorrhagic — can make someone feel restless when walking before additional symptoms appear, Cursor writes. In addition, you need to pay attention to such signs: sudden loss of balance, sudden dizziness. you may even stumble or lose your balance. According to physician Jan Anestad, often a stroke affects the motor fibers associated with coordination. When you put your feet on the floor, you will feel it. If you can’t feel where your foot is in space, that’s a huge problem, the medic added. Thus, in addition to the usual abbreviation that allows you to remember the symptoms of a stroke, FAST (face, hands, speech and time), it is recommended to add B and E, denoting “balance” and “eyes”. She explained that the brain is really responsible for everything you do. It is responsible for your ability to move, your ability to speak, your ability to think, your ability to see, your ability to feel, hear, etc. So in fact, the loss of any of these abilities can be a sign of a stroke.

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