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Dogecoin founder stated that cryptocurrency and nft is a financial pyramid

Dogecoin cryptocurrency co -founder Jackoin Palmer has not only quarreled with Ilon Musk over the last week, but also to declare that the importance of Web 3.0 and non -substantial substituting tokens (NFT) is greatly exaggerated.

Palmer believes that the construction of a decentralized version of the Internet is a solution that is not available. As for digital collection items, Palmer stated that the hype around them is used to attract more people in the crypto industry: “First, bitcoin had to replace fiat money after the 2009 crisis, then the emergence of ICOs, which were to democratize funding, then – defi Now on the wave of Hap NFT-DETACE, so that the crypto-industry can get a lot of new suckers. ”

Palmer did not calm down and continued the toxic hait of the market: “What makes cryptocurrency is a game for the sake of creating a product where people can speculate, and this fact undermines most of its use.”

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