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During the analysis of the rubble of a high-rise building in Mariupol, about 200 bodies were found

In Mariupol, during the analysis of the rubble of a high-rise building near the suburban gas station-2 along Mira Avenue, about 200 bodies of the dead were found in the basement.

Piotr Andryushchenko, adviser to the Mariupol mayor, announced this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“During the analysis of the rubble of a high-rise building in the area of ​​​​the suburban gas station-2 along Prospekt Mira, about 200 bodies of those who died under the rubble with a high degree of decomposition were found in the basement,” Andryushchenko wrote.

According to him, due to the refusal of locals to clean up and pack the bodies of the dead, the Russian Emergencies Ministry left the place of work. The bodies of the dead remained in place, as a result of partially dismantled blockages, the stench is felt almost throughout the entire quarter.
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Andryushchenko also said that due to the start of work on the burial and exhumation of the so-called “State Corporation” Ritual “from the occupied Donetsk, the process of reburial from the courtyards of high-rise buildings has actually been stopped.

“For the “official” free reburial, you need to wait in line, bring the body of the deceased to the “morgue” on your own, pretending that the body of the deceased has just been found. Or agree to record a video where the applicant will say that he was killed by the Ukrainian army. Because of such conditions, in a makeshift morgue near the Metro, a large number of corpses (pictured) are stacked in bags on the street,” the mayor’s adviser said.

He stressed that the city of Mariupol, unfortunately, has turned into a solid cemetery.
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As reported, Russian aggression caused one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in Mariupol. The invaders bombed unarmed residents, blocked humanitarian aid.

The city is practically destroyed – and residential buildings, and infrastructure, and schools, and hospitals, and enterprises. Mariupol without normal energy, water and gas supply.

The mayor of Mariupol claimed that up to 20,000 civilians had died in the city since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Russian collaborator Konstantin Ivashchenko was declared by the Russian invaders the “mayor” of Mariupol and they are making a picture of “restoring the life of the city”.

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