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EDM4S SKY WIPER: Lithuanian antitrone rifle against Russian UAVs

The Lithuanian company NT-servise supplied its antitrone rifles to our army in 2021, but in small numbers. Today, many units have already been completed with anti -deduction, and in a large -scale invasion, this is an important aspect of the defense of our troops.

The EDM4S equipment has a rifle housing, antennas, modules, battery, holographic or optical sight. The battery time is up to one hour. Additional spare batteries are available. In addition, the equipment can also operate from AC adapter. The mass of the complex is 6 kg, the size is 250 × 350 × 900 mm.

EDM4S is simple enough for mastering. It is enough to have a charged battery, visually determine the target – enemy drone and with the help of an optical sight as accurately aim as possible and press on the trigger. The directed antennas will send the pulse “shot” and dispose of it.

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