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Exclusive: Drivers have been warned for 500 fine and points if they ignore key safety rules while driving with their kids.

Drivers have been warned of £ 500 fines and points if they break an important safety rule when traveling with their children.

Parents need to make sure that the car has proper arrangements, including baby seats, to protect their children.
Drivers have been warned about an important safety rule when traveling with children

Failure to wear a seat belt, or failure to use a car seat or seat belt suitable for a child, can also affect auto insurance claims.

According to Rule 99 to 102 of the Highway Code, young people must be in a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 centimeters tall, whichever comes first.

Car seats can be selected based on the weight and height of the baby.

Children under 15 months of age must be seated in a rear car seat until they are 15 months old and able to sit in the front car seat.
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Common mistake

Common mistakes parents make include incorrectly installing a car seat, adding unnecessary toys to the seat, or too loose or too tight a seat belt.

If the seat feels too loose, it may not be installed properly or may not be compatible with the car model.

Heavy clothing and toys

Heavy clothing can also pose a safety risk as the layers add extra relaxation and reduce car seat protection.

A blanket can be placed on a bark baby if they need to be kept warm.

It is also recommended to avoid adding toys to the car seat. If they become detached, they become flight hazards and can be a distraction while driving.

Adjust the straps

And the belts must be adjusted properly so that the baby is not detached from the seat.

One way to check is to place your fingers on the straps in the child’s collarbone.

The strap is too loose if the strap can be pinched and folded.

Front-facing seat

Also, make sure the kids are in the back seat until they weigh 13 kg or 15 months.

Because they still develop injuries to their neck, head and spine, they are at risk if they move too fast.

And as they grow, make sure you adjust the strap height accordingly.

Whip height

Accidents increase the child’s freedom of movement if the height of the seat belt does not match the child’s and there is a risk of injury.

For rear seats, belts should be flattened under the car seat slot or along the shoulder.

For front seats, the belts should be above the shoulder or flat.

Booster seats

A general rule is that children over the age of four can upgrade to a booster seat, but this varies from case to case.
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Booster seats have different weight and height limitations depending on the manufacturer.

And if the baby can’t sit still in the booster seat, it may be worth sticking to the booster seat for a while.

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