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Experts Explain the Historical Significance of Bluestone Tile and Why It’s Still Popular Today On 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 10, 2022 — One of the first things tourists tend to notice are the bluestone tiles Melbourne is laden with – from iconic buildings like the Victorian Parliament and Old Melbourne Gaol to curbsides and footpaths. The city appears to be built with bluestone. Stone and tile expert Edwards Slate and Stone explains why bluestone has historically been the material of choice for Melbourne and why it continues to be so popular.

When Melbourne was first established as a gold rush city in the mid-1800s, bluestone was the logical choice when it came to building materials. Edwards Slate and Stone explains that at the time, bluestone was in abundance and was extremely affordable, especially because convicts were ordered to cut and move the stone. Buildings were constructed, pavements were laid and tiles were cut; white stucco and sandstone were used as accents to lighten up bluestone buildings so as to appear less sombre.

Edwards Slate and Stone reveals that over time, Melbourne has disassembled many bluestone buildings and recycled the tiles elsewhere. The building blocks are sold and bought and reassembled to create other public buildings or pavements or driveways. Markings can be spotted on certain older bluestone tiles, such as initials of convicts or symbols like arrows or wheels carved into the stone. These tiles are some of the most valuable public possessions Melbourne has, displaying evidence of the rich and complex history of the city.

Nowadays, says the expert in crazy paving, Melbourne residents still prefer bluestone tiles for an array of different projects: pool decking, driveways, alfresco areas and even bathroom floors and walls. The stone has proven itself over nearly 200 years as being one of the most durable, long-lasting materials available. For more information about bluestone and other varieties of stone, contact the Edwards Slate and Stone team or visit their Melbourne showroom today.

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