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Finnish intelligence does not believe in Russia’s ability to strengthen the new border with NATO

After Finland joins NATO, Russia will declare the need to strengthen the border with the Alliance, but due to lack of resources, it will not be able to do this.

This opinion was expressed by Colonel Esapekki Vehkaoja, head of the intelligence center of the Finnish Defense Forces, Ukrinform reports citing Yle.

“Russia will announce the need to strengthen its military presence on the new border with NATO, but the plans and reality in Russia are different,” said the head of the intelligence center.

In his opinion, there will be no significant practical measures in this direction for the next few years, in particular because the Russian army has suffered and continues to suffer significant losses in Ukraine.

Vehkaoja also assured that Finnish military intelligence has a “very good ability to see and hear” what is happening and planned in neighboring regions.

As Ukrinform reported, on May 18, the governments of Finland and Sweden submitted official applications to join NATO. To complete the process, a corresponding decision at the national level must be made by all 30 countries of the Alliance.

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