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Fraudsters deceive money from relatives of captured or missing defenders – General Staff

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warns of a new type of fraud – attackers profit from the relatives of military personnel who were captured or considered missing.

Literally, the General Staff: “Attention! Fraudsters! Taking advantage of the emotional state of relatives and friends, the attackers make phone calls from hidden numbers and offer to provide information about the military and facilitate release from captivity for a monetary reward. Also, fraudsters are trying, allegedly to clarify, to find out the personal data of Ukrainian defenders” .

Details: The General Staff emphasized that representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or other military authorities or state institutions do not collect funds and do not release from captivity by ransom.

It is reported that the issues of the release of prisoners of war are in the exclusive competence of state authorities. And for this, no money is collected from family members and relatives.

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