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Fraudsters profit from the war in Ukraine: people began to receive suspicious messages

Ukrainians have been warned about a new scheme of deception currently used by swindlers, despite the current situation in Ukraine.

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The swindlers have created a fake page of the site “Just help”, through which they allegedly offer to receive financial assistance from the UN. And Ukrainians began to receive SMS-messages with the following text: “Otrumaj VIPLATU 2220 ua zgidno svogo statusa. Oformity”, the press service of the Operational Command “South” reports.

“This is followed by a link to the simulated help site, designed as the site of the fund” Just Help “from PrivatBank. Fraudsters on the fake site even posted referral links to the real charity site” PrivatBank “, which misleads subscribers.” message. Operational Command South

The “Just Help” website has an active “Donate” button, not a fundraiser, and does not require a login or password from Privat24’s personal account. “Be careful! Do not follow unverified links,” the statement said.

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