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GMB’s Susanna Reid teases ‘retiree’ Richard Madeley as viewers of his brand ‘cringe’

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid was quick to mock her co-host Richard Madeley on Monday’s show as they talked about his recent 66th birthday

GMB: Richard Madeley calls himself a ‘retiree’

Susanna Reid teased her Good Morning Britain co-host Richard Madeley about his age on Monday’s show.

The mother-of-three couldn’t resist mocking Richard after he did the same to their colleague Charlotte Hawkins on the ITV breakfast show.

As Charlotte wrapped up celebrating the Queen’s birthday this past weekend, Richard turned to her and said, “Thank you birthday girl,” before adding: “Not exactly platinum!”

Looking surprised, Charlotte replied, “Not yet, thank you very much Richard. I’d like to give it some thought!” mentions turning 47 today.

Not letting him understand, Susanna said, “What about your birthday, Richard? On Friday? It’s not platinum!”

Looking defeated, Richard replied: “I’m 66, okay, happy? I’m a pensioner, okay!”

Teasing him further, Susanna said, “Happiness and glory.”

Richard quickly replied: “Hmmmm, I don’t know anything about glory but I’m sure it’s fun!”

GMB viewers are still divided when it comes to Richard hosting the ITV breakfast show.

Taking to Twitter on Monday morning, one person asked: “Why does Richard Madeley make me cringe so much? #GMB.”

Another said: “Richard Madeley mentioning ‘drums & beats’ excites me… he cringe, as my son would say #gmb.”

And a third added: “I love how Richard Madeley trends on Twitter every time he’s on the #GMB show.”

Good Morning Britain airs at 6am weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub.


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