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Hackers Anonymous announced the hacking of government sites in Belarus

The hacker group Anonumous said on May 29 on Twitter that Belarus’s government websites had been hacked “for involvement in the invasion of Ukraine.” The hackers announced this on Twitter.

Anonymous reported that all the largest government sites in Belarus are offline.

Hackers have attached screenshots of the websites of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education, the National Center for Legal Information, and the Ministry of Justice, which are not working. As of 10.20 on May 30, these sites, except for the portal of the Ministry of Economy, are not loaded.


Anonymous is an international group of hackers and cyber experts who, for political reasons, are fighting in the digital space with world governments, political structures and elites.

On February 25, the second day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous called on all hackers around the world to unite in the fight against the occupiers and reported the hacking of the Russian Defense Ministry’s website. Later, the websites of other Russian government agencies stopped working.

On February 27, Anonymous said it had “put down” the websites of the Chechen government and the Belarusian Defense Ministry.

On March 6, the hacker group reported that a number of Russian streaming services and TV channels had been hacked to broadcast footage of the war in Ukraine. Among the broken TV channels were “Russia 24”, “First Channel”, “Moscow 24”.

In addition, the Anonymous group merged the personal data of 120,000 military occupiers involved in the military aggression against Ukraine.

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