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Hackers “leak” the data of Russian companies for free in order to cause maximum damage to the Russian Federation

According to researchers, insiders and hackers post personal data of Russians, including passport data, on the Web.

The darknet has recorded a record number of leaks of databases of companies from Russia. Group-IB, a company that specializes in cybersecurity services, found out the details in its new study.

In May and early June, more than 50 databases were published on the darknet, which mostly date back to the spring of 2022. For comparison, in April, analysts recorded 32 such “leaks” of information, and in March – 16. The data of Russian companies from the delivery, medicine, communications, retail, online education and other sectors turned out to be publicly available.

In most cases, the authors of publications do not require money, but simply put the databases in the public domain, where anyone can see and use them. In other words, hackers do not want to sell valuable information, but simply harm their victims. Experts believe that the reason for the frequent leaks is the actions of insiders and hackers, who have significantly increased the intensity of cyber attacks since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Such a large number of publications demonstrates the weak protection of digital systems in the Russian Federation.

“Previously, many large leaks of databases for sale turned out to be a compilation of old databases or an aggregation of several databases from open sources. However, recently we have seen on hacker forums relevant and very informative databases of popular services that are posted for free in public – the motive of attackers not only make money, but cause the most serious damage to companies.The risk is that this data can be used in further cyberattacks and fraudulent schemes, “commented Oleg Derov, head of the Group-IB cybercrime department.

Almost all hosted databases contain personal information about companies’ clients: names, dates of birth, phone numbers, addresses, passwords, passport details, order details, and even medical test results. The total number of lines of the 19 largest leaks is 616.6 million.

Earlier they wrote that Ukrainian hackers attacked Russian banks and deprived customers of access to money. The Russians complained about problems in the operation of websites and mobile applications that made online banking impossible.

In June, hackers played the Ukrainian anthem on the Russian radio station Kommersant FM. After the break-in, the songs “Chervona Kalina” and “We don’t need war” were also played there.

Prior to this, hackers launched the site to annoy Russian officials. The service randomly connects two civil servants or the military by phone, and the user can listen to how they understand the situation, figuring out who called whom and why.

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