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How to choose an antivirus so as not to lose all data: detailed instructions

To protect your computer or smartphone from possible virus attacks, you must install antivirus programs on your gadget. However, not all of them can be reliable, and some can even hurt. Downloading a suspicious file can also lead to data loss and damage to the “brain” of the phone or computer.

How to properly protect your devices – read below in our material.

According to the State Service for Special Communications, if you have downloaded a suspicious file to your smartphone or computer, do not open it. Check the suspicious file and the entire device with antivirus programs. Make sure that the anti-virus database has been updated to the latest version and has the Anti-Phishing module.

If you have opened the file, turn off the transmission of data over the network. Do not grant any permissions if the installation process of the program has started, or cancel it altogether.
If it turned out that the file contains malicious code

In this case, do not enter any data required by the program.

Check on the CERT-UA website if the mentioned file is in the latest news about cyberattacks.

Send a file with a description of the situation to CERT-UA

Inform Cyberpolice about the user from whom you received the file

If the file is received in the messenger, inform the administration of the messenger about the malicious content:

How to choose an antivirus so as not to lose all data: detailed instructions
For a smartphone, the steps will be slightly different.

Keep copies of all important files in the cloud and reset the device to factory settings to exclude the activity of Keylogger programs that monitor the user without asking for access to the system.
How to choose an antivirus

Use paid versions of world famous antivirus programs. Some services offer licenses for desktop and mobile devices:


If there is no licensed antivirus

Use free applications and be sure to manually update their virus databases regularly.

Before using free antivirus programs, be sure to check their reputation in a search engine.

However, even if the file is not detected as malicious, you should not lose your vigilance. Malicious software or code may be new, and antiviruses may not yet know about it.

You need to download antivirus only from official websites or app stores (AppStore, Google Play). Software from unknown sources is likely to contain malicious code.

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