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How to get medical care in Germany? Tips for Ukrainians

Citizens of Ukraine who have become IDPs can receive medical care in Germany.

Medical insurance is mandatory for this country, after which all treatment, including medicines, is free, according to the Ministry of Health.

How does the German medical system work?

Insurance in 90% of cases is provided by the state, and people with it have access to all necessary medical services.
As in Ukraine, to obtain narrow medical care, you must first consult a general practitioner.
A visit to a general practitioner is free for insured persons. An uninsured patient can pay for the appointment himself.
Without prior agreement, you can go to the hospital only in emergencies.

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You need to get insurance at the arrival centers or at the contact centers (Ankunftszentrum / Kontaktstelle) of the cities of residence.

A specific doctor can only be reached by referral (Behandlungsschein), but in some municipalities a medical card (Krankenversicherungskarte) is issued instead of a referral.

Ukrainians who have stayed in municipal shelters or private housing can obtain a referral / card from local authorities, usually social services.

After that, you can see a doctor.

If a Ukrainian does not have documents, health insurance or other difficulties, you can contact organizations that treat people anonymously and free of charge in such cases.

The appropriate organization in the desired region can be found at the link.

In emergencies, medical care is provided in Germany without referral, but it is necessary to register your address in the local government: both private housing and shelter.

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Emergency medical care when life is in danger is also free.

Emergency call: 112
Emergency call in case of poisoning: + 49-30-19240
Ambulance: 116-117

We will remind, earlier in the Ministry of Health told how to receive medical care in Italy.

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