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How to properly charge your smartphone: 3 mandatory rules

In order not to lose touch with the outside world and the opportunity to take a beautiful photo at any time, we always try to charge our phone to the maximum so that it does not sit down at the most inopportune time. However, few people think about how to properly charge their smartphone and whether it is possible to put yours on recharging if it already shows a charge of, for example, 50%.

How to properly charge your phone
Use the included charger

Google recommends using only the charger that came with your smartphone. Other charges can charge the gadget noticeably more slowly or even have a negative effect on the battery itself, writes Lifehacker.

Avoid overheating your smartphone

Both the use of a non-original charger and its charging in the sun or near some heating devices can lead to heating of the smartphone. This is strictly prohibited as a hot battery is at risk of damage, especially when it is fully charged.

Is it possible to charge an already charged phone: the answer will surprise you

If possible, turn off your phone before putting it on charge.

High temperatures are detrimental to the batteries of any mobile devices. Experts advise not to play games on the phone while charging and use it more carefully in the heat.
Charge your device as needed

Do not wait until your smartphone is completely discharged or charged. You can feed it at any time. However, from time to time you need to discharge the battery to a level below 10%, and then leave the device on charge overnight. This process allows you to perform a kind of calibration of the battery to indicate its actual capacity.

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