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How to survive in the occupation: the rules of using a smartphone

In Ukraine, several oblasts are now fully or partially under temporary occupation. The other day it became known that the Russians began to turn off local mobile communications and the Internet, instead offering their own providers. People are intimidated that by reading Ukrainian news they put themselves at risk, as special services monitor such Ukrainians and may come for an educational conversation. The Center for Countering Disinformation has published three simple rules that must be followed by all who are currently under occupation. These recommendations will not hurt the rest of Ukrainians.

Use a VPN

It is a myth that Russian intelligence services are counting those who use VPNs. No one will be able to track anyone, but you will be able to freely access Ukrainian sites, which the occupiers are so actively trying to block. If you do not know which VPN to install, download the Opera browser, where the settings already have a built-in VPN. Also, for better security of your personal data, use the Tor Browser, where all your actions will remain anonymous.

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