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“If the powers that be did not flirt with Russia” – the president on the conditions for ending the war

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the war in Ukraine could have been stopped if “the powerful of this world had not flirted with Russia.”

Source: Zelensky’s video message

Direct speech: “The catastrophic unfolding of events could still be stopped if the world treated the situation in Ukraine as its own situation.

If the powers that be did not flirt with Russia, but really pressed for the sake of ending the war.”

Details: Zelensky recalled that the European Union “for how many weeks” cannot agree on the 6th package of sanctions against Russia.

“For how many weeks the world has not dared to block the Russian banking system,” the President noted.

He also added that Ukraine has been fighting for a long time to be “provided with all the weapons that are necessary to change the nature of the fighting and start moving faster and more confidently towards the expulsion of the occupiers.”

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