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In iPadOS 16 found the inclusion of a secret feature

Developers who dug into the depths of the first beta version of iPadOS 16 found a feature that Apple did not announce at the presentation. MacStories editor Federico Viticchi wrote about this.

According to Viticchi, iPadOS 16 beta 1 has a system utility that allows you to customize the lock screen. The same feature is available in iOS 16, and it was given a lot of attention at the WWDC 2022 event, and at the announcement of iPadOS 16 it was not mentioned, from which everyone concluded that it will not be.

Through the hidden debug menu, you can run the PosterBoard utility, which allows you to customize items on the lock screen. Unfortunately, currently we can only change the color and font of the clock and date, and change other settings is not yet available. IOS 16 has many more lockscreen settings, including widgets, receiving contextual messages from apps, and applying various effects to wallpapers.

It is possible that Apple will finalize the lock screen settings for the release of iPadOS 16, which will take place this fall. But there is also a possibility that the company will not have time to prepare this innovation in such a short time and will save it for a new update.

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