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In May, new buildings in Russia ceased to rise in price

The average cost per square meter in Russia is still fluctuating within 1-2%, but the prices of flats and apartments in most submarkets in May remained unchanged compared to April. This was reported to Izvestia by analysts of the monitoring and analysis system for new buildings.
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Despite the drop in demand in April, when sales in Moscow alone fell by 46% in one month, and even more in some regions, the exposure of the primary market did not increase almost anywhere, experts said.

The average purchase budget is stable in new buildings in Samara (5.8 million rubles), Rostov-on-Don (5.8 million rubles), Novosibirsk (7 million rubles), Nizhny Novgorod (8.6 million rubles), Voronezh (5.2 million rubles), the Sverdlovsk Region (4.4 million rubles), the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (6.8 million rubles), Tyumen (5.9 million rubles) and the Tyumen Region (4.3 million rubles). It is worth adding that such stability is not typical for these markets: housing there has been steadily growing in price for at least six months before.

A slight rise in price (up to 100 thousand rubles per lot) is observed in Kazan (up to 10 million rubles), Volgograd (up to 5 million rubles), Kaliningrad (up to 7.7 million rubles), Ufa (up to 5.8 million rubles), Volgograd (up to 5 million rubles), Kurgan (up to 4.4 million rubles), Ulyanovsk (up to 4.6 million rubles), Chelyabinsk (up to 5 million rubles).

A similar slight decrease in the average purchase budget was recorded in Yekaterinburg (up to 6.4 million rubles), Kaluga (up to 6.2 million rubles), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (up to 6.8 million rubles), Krasnodar (up to 6.4 million rubles). ), Krasnoyarsk (up to 6.3 million rubles), Crimea (up to 9.3 million rubles) and Sevastopol (up to 7.8 million rubles).

The volume of supply in the Tyumen region (1.25 thousand lots), Ufa (7.2 thousand lots), Volgograd (2.5 thousand lots), Voronezh (3 thousand lots), Kurgan (0.5 thousand lots), Sevastopol (0.9 thousand lots).

Slightly (plus or minus up to 100 lots) changed the exposition in Kaliningrad (3.8 thousand lots), Kaluga (600 lots), Tyumen (12 thousand lots), YNAO (300 lots), Sverdlovsk region (900 lots), Kazan (5.3 thousand lots), Krasnoyarsk (7.1 thousand lots), Nizhny Novgorod (3.5 thousand lots), Samara (4.5 thousand lots), Chelyabinsk (1.9 thousand) and Chelyabinsk area (2.2 thousand lots).

On May 17, it became known that realtors offered to give Russians the opportunity to refinance preferential mortgages for new buildings, that is, to reduce the interest on the loan in the event of a change in the program

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