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In the Kherson region, the occupiers staged a mobile blackout: there is no connection or internet

In the Russian-occupied Kherson region, mobile communications and, in part, the Internet have been cut off. Instead, unidentified operators have recently started working.

This was reported by “Public”, citing information from residents themselves.

It is noted that the mobile connection disappeared at about 6 pm on May 30. Before that, there were several outages.

The Kherson Military-Civil Administration said that this was the work of the Russian military. It is not to their advantage for citizens to have access to objective news. Currently, there is only the provider “Skynet”, which is supplied through the Crimea.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time the connection has disappeared, while the Russians are shifting the responsibility for this to the Ukrainian military. Meanwhile, they are introducing a Russian operator with the code + 7 and handing out their mobile cards to the residents of Kherson region.

Locals confirm that cards of 150-220 hryvnias of the alleged Crimean mobile operator have appeared on sale. They are white, without any inscriptions or names, with the code 990.

It is noted that the self-proclaimed deputy head of the Kherson military-civil administration Kirill Stremousov also accused the Ukrainian military and this allegedly forced him to ask Russia to establish Russian telecommunications in the region.

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