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In the US, a vintage tractor was sold at auction for a record $ 1.47 million

In the United States at auction Aumann sold a vintage tractor J.I. Case 30-60 in 1913. A record $ 1.47 million was raised for it, writes.

The tractor weighs 11.7 tons and the diameter of its rear steel wheels reaches 1.83 m. J.I. Case 30-60 is equipped with a giant two-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 30.9 liters. However, the power is only 60 hp, so it is not very fast – it develops about 7-8 km / h.

“Old J.I. The Case 30-60 turned out to be 2.5 times more expensive than the most expensive modern Case IH Quadtrac tractor worth $ 600,000.

It is noted that the high price of J.I. Case 30-60 is dictated by the rarity of the model. The tractor was produced from 1912 to 1916, and production was never mass. A total of 500 units were released, and only 5 copies have survived. It is this J.I. Case 30-60 has been restored and is in excellent condition.

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