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In Ukraine, the charitable NFT-collection Save Azov was created and launched to support the Armed Forces

Ukraine has created a charity NFT collection Save Azov with 777 pixel images of Ukrainian soldiers to raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The developers say that its launch is scheduled for June 1.

Funds (40% of NFT sales) were to go directly to the Azov Regiment. However, after the evacuation of all people from Azovstal, the developers decided to transfer them to the cryptofund Aid for Ukraine. The starting price of one copy of the NFT token is 0.3 Solana or about $ 12.5.

The rest of the proceeds from the sale will go to further development of the project and development of an NFT-game in memory of the Azovstal plant. Beta testing of the game is scheduled for October 2022. In addition, the developers announced the launch of an educational project for teenagers in July this year. Its purpose is to introduce children to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

It will be recalled that a unique project of 1 million works of NFT art called MintForUkraine created artificial intelligence. This collection has become the largest of its kind, it can be viewed for free.

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