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Israel will send a delegation to Russia in connection with the situation around Sokhnut

In connection with the possible liquidation in Russia of the representative office of the Jewish agency Sokhnut, which deals with the issue of repatriation, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid decided to send a delegation to the Russian Federation. This was reported on July 21 on the website of the office of the politician.

“After assessing the situation, it was decided next week to send a joint delegation to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministries of Justice and the Ministry of Absorption to ensure the continuation of the activities of the Jewish Agency in Russia,” the statement said.

Lapid pointed out that the Jewish community on the territory of the Russian Federation is “closely connected with Israel”, and its importance increases with each new political conversation with Russian politicians.

Earlier on the same day, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation sent a request to the court to liquidate the Jewish Agency Sokhnut, an NGO supporting relations with the Jewish diaspora.

Earlier, on July 11, the Ministry of Justice reported that from May 30 to June 27 it checked the documents of the Sokhnut agency, but did not publish the results of the check.

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