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Jack Quickenanden spreads speculation about Prometheus being taken seriously in a ‘clear-cut’ tweet

Former X Factor star Jack Quickenand sent his favorite fans into a frenzy when he asked if Dancing on Ice stars would be allowed to appear on Seriously Coming to Dancing.

Jack Quickenanden has disappointed his fans by spreading rumors that he will join the serious lineup that will come in 2022.

The 33-year-old star – who has appeared on IMA Celebrity and Dancing on Ice – sent a stir after she took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask a shameless question about Seriously.

The TV star, who first rose to fame in The X Factor, sent his fans into a frenzy when he tweeted: Ask. ”

In response to his boastful tweet, former Dancing on Ice judge John Baroman responded as he confirmed that he would be appearing on both shows.

Actor John replied: “Yes, I danced in the first series of tapes and especially at Christmas.”

And John’s reaction made Jack’s fans even more excited as they jumped on Twitter to talk about how ‘cool’ Jack would be if he got a chance to see the treats. Her thing on the dance floor is serious.

“Oh, that’s amazing, have you ever been asked?” One fan answered.

“Jack will be afraid of Sirius,” another spit out.

Meanwhile, a third one said: “I’ll see you in Sirius next year. There is hope. ”

If Jack wins a spot on the Sirius 2022 lineup, he will join the likes of Jason Donovan, Dennis Van Outen, Rachel Stevens and Brendon Cole, who have appeared on Dancing on Ice and Sirius Come to Dancing.

After finishing rounds of reality TV shows – X Factor and I’m a Celebrity – Jake signed up for Dancing on Ice in 2018 and went straight to the finals.

His victory comes after the show returned to our screens after a five-year hiatus.

After joining Hare The Musical and securing some current jobs, Jake made big hits after his win.

She used her skills to lead male stars in The Real Full Monty on Ice last year, raising money for a cause close to her heart.

As his career began after the skating gig, Jake’s personal life took a hit when he separated from his seven-month-old fianc Daniel Fogarty just weeks after the three-year marriage ended.

At the time, it was reported that the pair were stuck in an explosive row because Jake’s party with Dancing on Ice co-star Setino had upset Daniel.

He then moved in with his fiance Sophie Church and the couple welcomed son Leo in 2021.

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