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Kherson region more than a day without communication with Ukraine

In the Kherson region, there has been no mobile communication and the Internet for a day, but the Ukrainian authorities are taking all possible measures to restore communication in the occupied region, said the head of the Kherson regional administration, Gennady Laguta.

“I understand the feelings of people who have been unable to reach their relatives for almost 24 hours to make sure that everything is fine with them. The invaders are cynically trying to shift the responsibility for the lack of communication to the Ukrainian authorities. For example, in Kherson they even use loudspeakers for this,” he said and added that Ukraine is doing everything possible to restore mobile communications and the Internet in the Kherson region.

At the same time, the invaders publicly disseminate information that Ukraine itself has cut off communication with the occupied region, and declare that the region has switched to the Russian telephone code +79.

In particular, since last week, the invaders have been selling SIM cards of Russian mobile operators in the city and region. At the same time, in order to purchase them, you need to provide your passport data.

“I urge you not to do this and not to provide your personal data to the occupiers. After all, the connection of Ukrainian operators in the Kherson region will definitely be restored,” Laguta stressed.

Local sources report that Ukrainian television is completely absent in the Kherson region, and the Ukrainian Internet is also disappearing: “If you go to Google,, is displayed.”

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Recall that on April 30 in the Kherson region and part of the Zaporozhye region, mobile communications and the Internet were already disappearing. The reason was the breakage of fiber-optic backbone lines and disconnection from the power supply of the equipment of operators in these regions. Subsequently, on May 4, the State Service for Special Communications reported that all Ukrainian operators resumed communication in Kherson and the region, but later mobile communications and the Internet again disappeared several times in the city and region.

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