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Kyivstar disables obsolete services for Ukrainians: what will change

The operator completely abandons wired telephones and ADSL technology in favor of fiber optics.

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The Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar has decided to permanently disable the obsolete services “Telephony of the Moscow Railways” and “Internet of the Moscow Railways” from July 1. The press service of the company announced this on the official website.

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“MZD telephony” and “MZD Internet” provide for fixed telephone and Internet communications using the technology of an asymmetric digital subscriber line (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL for short). It provides for the asymmetric distribution of channel bandwidth between incoming (more) and outgoing (less) traffic using a modem. ADSL is significantly inferior to fiber optic networks in terms of speed, delay and bandwidth, and therefore is used less and less, although it is still popular in many countries around the world, for example, in the UK.

Kyivstar has recognized ADSL as obsolete, and therefore completely decommissions related services. In recent years, the operator has been phasing out tariffs for this technology, notifying that too few people are using it. In return, the company offers to connect fiber-optic home Internet or the All Together tariff line, which combines the Internet, mobile communications and television, below you can read more about the conditions.

Terms of the tariff “All Together Optimum”:

Unlimited calls on the network

Unlimited calls on the network

One “Superpower” to choose from (+100 minutes for calls, SIM for a tablet or laptop, SIM for a second phone, static IP address, speed increase up to 1 Gbps).

“Kyivstar regularly updates its services, develops its network, improves technical systems, modernizes equipment and revises old services in order to provide services of the highest quality thanks to modern services and technologies,” the announcement says.

Earlier, Kyivstar extended the service for free roaming in the EU countries. To use it, subscribers only need to pay the usual cost of their tariffs. The service is intended primarily for Ukrainian refugees who left the country because of the war.

Since May 6, Kyivstar has made free and unlimited calls for subscribers in the zone of active hostilities. In addition, the service allows Ukrainians to call even if they do not have the opportunity to top up their account. Regardless of the region, owners of prepaid communication tariffs can choose one number and always call it free of charge within the framework of the “We are together” service.

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