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Kylie mocks Kendall’s sister’s cucumber viral cut in a ridiculous wedding video

Kylie Jenner mentions her sister Kendall’s cucumber-cutting skills as she reveals a ridiculous nickname for her sister after that viral video.

Kylie Jenner dances with Kendall after Courtney Kardashian’s wedding

Kylie Jenner scoffs at her sister Kendall’s feverish cucumber cut.

In Italy, a sweet wedding video of her sister Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker celebrating their third wedding was accompanied by laughter while dancing at night with her sister.

Makeup Mogul, 24, went to TikTok on Sunday (May 22) to share the clip.

Enjoying each other’s company in a gorgeous Italian wedding, Jenner’s couple had a good time together during the reception and after-party celebrations.

Kylie mentions her sister Kendall, 26, in the caption “Cucumber Girl” – an indication of a ridiculous moment in a recent episode of The Kardashians.

Kendall is seen dancing with her sister

Fans were quick to point out the ridiculous caption, with a reading: “Cucumber girl is not PLS.”

Another then added: “Caption is everything.”

When the third wrote: “Kylie, caption? Really?”

And the fourth one said: “Hahaha caption.”

For those who haven’t gained momentum, in the episode in question, Kendall had some trouble cutting a cucumber – hence his new ridiculous nickname.

Kendall’s cucumber-cutting technique was once a hot topic among fans on social media.

The two sisters look happy and satisfied together

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Instead of holding the cucumber, one can hold the end of the slice very close to his finger while cutting it and cutting it.

Even Chris looks a little apprehensive when he warns Kendall: “Be careful, because I fooled myself the other day.”

Kendall replied, “I know, I’m a little scared. I’m definitely not a good cutter.”

Fans were quick to discuss the short clip on social media, where one wrote: “Um, why is Kendall chopping cucumbers like an alien?”

Another said: “The way I cried when Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber.”

It happened when the sisters celebrated their third sister Courtney’s third marriage.

Yesterday (May 22), the whole world saw Courtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker tie the knot for the third time.

Despite knowing each other since 2006, the couple got married in 2021 after their relationship was first revealed.

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