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Leigh-Anne Pinnock shared rare family photos of twins matching Little Mix Hoody

Little Mix’s Leigh-Ann Pink shines as she poses in a family-friendly sport coat with her adorable twin child and fianc আন্দ Andre Gray.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock shared a snap backstage of her adorable twin child before finishing the final show of her Little Mix Confetti tour.

The singer, 30, returned to an instant group photo session with fianc আন্দ Andre Gray and two young men wearing the band’s tour-branded hoodie.

Leigh-Ane and her band members Perry, and Jade Thirlwall, 29, bow their heads to leave indefinitely after completing an epic with fans on their farewell tour. Surname.

Sharing the photo on Instagram, he captioned the post with three black heart emojis.

Fans wrote in response to the film: “They are so big!”

Another simply added: “Beautiful family.”

A third wrote: “Their OMG Little Mix March Mini.”

Leigh-Ane thanks fans for completing a tour that has already been live-streamed worldwide as she thanks the ‘harmonizers’ for sharing her journey to becoming a pop star.

He added: “I have had a lifetime of the last 11 years and I have created the most magical memories. God, I am so lucky. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this happening. Our dreams come true. We will be forever grateful.” Now enjoy some tour spam, This is my favorite tour! I miss it a lot and everyone misses it .. and we miss our mixer. ”

Meanwhile, the band’s Le-Ann has adjusted to motherhood but decided not to reveal the gender and name of her children to the public.

In a conversation with Surya, he said: “I’m trying to keep it as secret as possible. It was our decision then because [the attention] confused me a bit.”

However, the hitmaker occasionally shares glimpses of his young mother and says that breastfeeding is a proud achievement.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said: “It’s very stressful and I don’t realize how hard people talk about it – with a lack of sleep, there was a time when I was really tired. It’s certainly not easy.”

Perry’s bandmate and new mother, 28, who became the mother of son Axel with Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain last August, 28, said she was “surprised” by the fact that she had raised her twin children.

Perry said: ‘Every night I breastfeed Axel, my eyes almost pop out of my head, and I just think of Leigh-Ann and she has to do it with her two children. “

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