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Lomachenko’s potential rival knocked out the opponent beautifully

In the main fight of the boxing show in New York, the WBA World lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) American Jervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KO) knocked out fellow contender Rolando Romero (14-1, 12 KO).

The first round took place in a tactical shootout. Both are many jebiles, Davis punched several times on the body, reports

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In the second three minutes, Romero started up: he started running after the champion and even hit the left hook, after which he put on the canvas with a wrestling technique. The referee did not record a knockdown. Davis openly ran away from the contender.

In the third round, Romero hit the champion twice with his left hook, but in response came much more.

Davis was clearly afraid of Romero’s striking force and could not feel his distance. Things went better in the fifth round, but after one of the blows Davis’s face was distorted by a grimace of pain.

In the sixth three minutes the battle ended. The champion caught the challenger with his left hook and he fell face down on the ropes. He got to his feet without any problems, but he didn’t look very good. Romero was taken out of the hall by the hand.

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