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Lost Ark content update confirmed for May 19th, weekly update continues to strengthen backend

This weeks Lost Ark Update follows last week’s by focusing on bug fixes and backend improvements to prepare for the big May update. This update has also been firmly scheduled into next week’s calendar for May 19th.

There is only one major fix in this update that affects PvP leaderboards. These had an issue preventing them from loading on all servers. So this update will fix that bug and hopefully those looking for leaderboards can now track their progress.

However, what should have everyone most excited is the confirmed May update coming next week. While Amazon and Smilegate RPG had initially delayed the arrival of some higher tier content and had some progression support events running, last week’s update and the reveal of the May update’s content were not accompanied by complete certainty. However, they expressed the belief that enough players would have the right skills and progression levels to enjoy the new content. Since raids and other group content rely on a large enough pool for teaming, it made sense to speed this up and it seems like it worked.

Now we see the update arrive as originally planned. Destined for destruction will bring the new advanced Destroyer class, a new max weapon rarity – Relic, a new Guardian raid for those at level 1415 – Deskaluda, and the arrival of Lost Ark‘s first Legion raid. The latter is added in Normal and Hard modes and requires 1415 for Normal and 1445 for Hard. Both the Legion Raid, which has checkpoints that mark (and save) your progress and also mark rewards for you, and the Guardian Raid will help you get this new relic level gear.

You can read today’s patch notes at Lost Ark.


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