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Medical chronicles of the war: how Okhmatdyt doctors rescue injured Ukrainians. PHOTO

Three months have passed since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. During this time, the work of the capital’s “Okhmatdyt” did not stop for a minute.

The medical institution told what challenges doctors face every day while Russia is waging a bloody war that mercilessly maims children and adults. And also published “live” black-and-white photos of doctors who save lives.

“The work under martial law did not stop for a minute. Even when there was active hostilities on the outskirts of Kyiv and there were shellings around the hospital,” the medical institution said.

In the first days of the war in the new building of the hospital organized an emergency department. The wounded came there. At the same time, doctors provided assistance, in particular to children, not only directly in the hospital, but also in organized bomb shelters.
Ukrainian medics fight on their front every day

“Psychologists also worked with patients. In addition, hospital clowns visited them to comfort the children,” the medical institution said.

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The consequences of the so-called “Russian world” are felt daily by thousands of Ukrainians: from infants to the elderly. The youngest injured patient, Okhmatdyt, was only 1 month old, and the oldest was 83 years old.

“The shortest time from the admission of the wounded to the hospital, diagnostics, tests, diagnosis, to taking the patient to the operating room – was 13 minutes. This is a record result,” – say doctors.
Both children and adults suffer in this terrible war

In three months, Okhmatdyt medics rescued dozens of patients with injuries sustained during a full-scale war:

mine and explosive,

While Russia is fighting against life, Ukrainian doctors are fighting to the death

For example, in late March, Okhmatdyt medics rescued an entire family from Chernihiv who miraculously survived the shelling and evacuation. All members of the family were injured: a woman, a man and two small children.

Doctors also helped young Ukrainians to be born: on April 26, twins who were born at 6 months and contracted pneumonia in a shelter were rescued at Okhmatdyt.

Doctors performed emergency operations to help patients with pathologies and diseases.
Okhmatdit doctors save lives not only for war victims, but also for patients with pathologies and diseases

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During the three months of the war, the Okhmatdyt Consultative and Diagnostic Polyclinic conducted 7 field consultations in the occupied territories of the Kyiv region. Doctors examined children who survived the Russian occupation.

The hospital became a humanitarian hub, whose staff received, sorted and redirected humanitarian aid to other institutions.
The medical institution serves as a shelter for the victims. All photos: Alexander Glyadelov

Do not forget in “Okhmatdyt” and about the psychological state of the victims:

“In order to support the morale of patients, doctors and staff, weekly patriotic concerts with the participation of Ukrainian stars and Beauty Days were organized in Okhmatdyt.

Okhmatdyt specialists continue to work selflessly to save the lives and health of Ukrainians. Now the hospital has resumed the reception of scheduled patients, “Okhmatdyt said in the end.

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