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Microsoft Edge is testing the cloud storage of files and links

A new feature called Drop has appeared in the Microsoft Edge build on the Canary update channel. It allows you to host files and links in the OneDrive cloud storage, as well as transfer data between devices using a browser.

To access Drop, open the sidebar, where you can drag files and take notes using the “Messages” field. The data will be synchronized with the cloud, but you need to take into account the amount of free space there.

This feature is similar to “Favorites” in Viber and Telegram. The idea, after all, is to create a cross-platform “storage” for files.

Microsoft is currently conducting A / B testing of the feature, so it is only available to a small number of users, so many may not have the Drop Sidebar, even if the latest version of the browser. In addition, Microsoft Edge Canary is testing a built-in VPN. So far, this feature is available to a limited number of users, and the free amount of data transferred does not exceed 1 GB per month.

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