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Named the chips of Apple devices, which are long overdue

For many years of Apple’s existence in the technology market, we have become accustomed to considering these devices the standard. Note that every year Apple adds some innovations, as they are immediately picked up by the Chinese and begin to stamp gadgets “one on one”. However, nothing is perfect, and Apple even more so. Almost all Apple devices have such nuances that are very annoying to users. In this article, I would like to discuss them – the outdated Lightning port with a bunch of flaws, Mac camera with disgusting image quality and a few more. Who knows, maybe Apple will see the pain of its fans, think and correct all the shortcomings.

Of course, the users themselves are partly to blame for the obsolete technologies. Apple has long lost the title of revolutionary company and is nothing new. The reason, in my opinion, is obvious – iPhones and without innovation fly like hot cakes, which means that Apple will not radically change their devices. Well, we wish success to competitors – maybe they will offer us something more interesting?
Which is better: Lightning or Type-C

This year, Lightining celebrates its second anniversary – the legendary port of Apple is 10 years old. Yes, if you didn’t know, this connector appeared back in 2012. Since then, it has received many complaints from both ordinary users and professionals. The first was not satisfied with the charging speed of Lightning, the second – the data transfer rate, which does not fit into any framework.

Data transfer speed: Type-C – up to 10 Gbps (USB 3.1 standard), Lightning – up to 5 Gbps.
Type-C is a universal connector that most devices have.
Charging speed – in Lightning – 20W, in some Type-C – 100W and more.

Many write that they like Lightning and they do not understand the noise around it. It seems to me that these are either people who use the iPhone 6, or girls who buy the iPhone to publish photos on banned social networks. Understand that data rate is the most important parameter of any port.

The new iPhone 13 has learned to take photos in ProRAW, videos in 4K 60 fps, found a bunch of other camera settings – each photo weighs more than 10 MB, and I’m generally silent about the video. So the question is, how are you going to dump these photos on your computer? Don’t you download photos to your computer and post them only on Instagram? Then why overpay or not buy an iPhone 11?

No, it is clear that Apple earns a lot of money from Lighting. After all, your own connector, so the price can be bent as much as you want, they will still buy. Plus, the accessories still have to be translated – no commerce, consider.
Camera quality on a MacBook

The camera on Apple computers has been a headache in recent years. Previously, this may not have been so important, but with the advent of the pandemic and remote operation, the camera has become almost the main parameter in the MacBook Air. No, I’m not talking about Pro models, they are first bought by other people, but in Eirah you definitely need to pump this chip, there are no options.

The good news is that the new MacBook Pro, released in late 2021, has finally abandoned the 720p webcam in favor of the 1080p version, but that’s not enough. Let’s talk about garlic, 1080r is a camera from 2010. Why not install 4K, for example? Why has the iPhone and iPad had this quality for a long time, but not on the Mac?

If you don’t agree with this problem, you probably just don’t use a camera on your MacBook. You know, when the next meeting in MS Teams or Zoom takes place, I feel very embarrassed. Why am I sitting on a computer that costs more than 100k and has the worst quality among the 50 conference participants? Apple will not go that way.
iPhone without SIM card

The third feature I would like to talk about is the SIM card in the iPhone. It makes no sense to compare Apple with competitors, as all modern phones come with slots for a physical card. But maybe it’s time for Apple to become a revolutionary company again and force all manufacturers to completely switch to eSIM? In this case, the operators simply will not leave a choice.

No matter how cool, over time, the market adapts, and everyone will get used to phones without a card. Reasonable question: why do we need an iPhone without a SIM card? Here’s why:

There will be more space inside the iPhone – you can pump up performance or install more battery.
Water resistance will be better as the phone loses the potential for moisture to get inside.
You no longer need to put a paper clip in the box from the iPhone – care for the environment.

It is potentially possible to make an iPhone without connectors – MagSafe and wireless tablets are available for charging, no one has used wired headphones for a long time, the SIM card will be changed to eSIM. In principle, technology allows you to do this in the near future – at the autumn presentation of the iPhone 14.

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