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Named the power difference between Windows 10 and 11

Windows 11 turned out to be slightly more powerful than the previous OS from Microsoft in comparative tests. This is reported by HotHardware.

Puget Systems specialists tested both operating systems to compare their performance. Engineers used AMD and Intel processors in the tests, as well as two Threadripper Pro chips. As a result, it turned out that in many tests, the new generation OS was either comparable to Windows 10 in terms of speed, or slightly ahead.

So, in the Cinebench benchmark on AMD hardware, Windows 10 turned out to be slightly more productive than the new system. In the Unreal Engina tests, Microsoft’s operating systems showed parity, except for the case of using the Intel Core i9 12900K processor – here Windows 11 showed a higher operating speed. In conclusion, experts found that Windows 11 was one percent more powerful than Windows 10 in the mentioned tests.

The authors came to the conclusion that the speed of operation of both systems is practically identical. Puget Systems experts noted that many Windows 11 users complain about low system performance, but tests show that the new and old generation operating systems work the same in most cases.

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